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Bayon actually started with Bayon EI – a project aimed to apply methods of reverse engineering to explore human emotions and increase emotional intelligence.

Bayon EI proved itself exceptionally fruitful as a coherent picture emerged, and with it, a framework of the abstract space that is the human mind.

As it turned out, each emotion is a message carrying a specific and unique meaning. And when carefully listening to all of these impulses and observing them as they increase, decrease, and mutate, we can not only learn about their messages but also about the process behind them and the systems that create them.

That’s how Bayon AI was born. Little by little, one mini-system after another, a comprehensive and coherent functional model of the human psyche has begun to emerge.

A collection of mini sub-systems, each with its own data and its own logic – a whole society of primary mental agents – slowly coming together into a network of semantic entities that mimic the entire human psyche.

On this website, I share this model with the world in hope of helping humanity move forward with fewer mistakes and complications along the way.