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My name is Roy Toledo and the best way to contact me is probably through Linkedin

I’ve started my career as a developer and ended it as a CTO for an online research institute back in Israel, where I’ve learned how to create empirical systems that transform data into information.

Back in 2014, I embarked on my first early-retirement where I eventually ended up spending 110% of my time researching and analyzing the world’s most amazing creation – us.

In the beginning, I was fascinated with our internal language of emotions and I’ve set up to explore and understand who exactly is talking to whom in there.

Then I realized that the mind is actually (obviously) a distributed system, and like any distributed system, if you know the language, you can eavesdrop on the communication.

After a few years of sniffing internal communications, I’ve decided to create this website to share what I’ve learned. Hoping that it will encourage people to embark on a new path towards more human-compatible development.