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I didn’t want to wait until everything’s done and ready to start publishing. So, I decided to use this website to publish the story as it’s being written. 

This model is still a work in progress and new materials will be added periodically. But if you’re interested, you can start reading this book before it’s done and ready.


Semantic Architecrure

Nothing lives in a vacuum. Everything has an environment. Think of it as the space where atomic meaningful entities are used to construct elements of perception. Something like a mental circuit board. 


The key for a good theory lies in repetitive and mothodological scrutiny, and large coherent theories are hard to find. These are the guidelines I use to maintain stractural stability. 

Mental Redundancies

There are many ways to perceive the same thing, but some are more accurate than others. Explore with us the capabilities and best practices of the human semantic network.